About Us

Cross Systems, Inc. began as a small chemical and service provider of local shops, trucking companies, municipalities and transit organizations needing to clean their fleet and maintain their wash equipment in a timely and effective manner. Then and still now, the focus of Cross Systems, Inc. has been that our integrity would always rise to the top, as we provide our one source service (Equipment, Chemical, Service). As we move forward to meet the demands of the fleet wash industry, it is one of our goals to display a moral uprightness to each customer, and with time, gain their trust and confidence in servicing them better.

The Motto: "Always leave it better than you found it", provides a challenge to us.

We desire to live up to this motto for each customer, but also for the planet that we live on, by providing environmental friendly cleaning chemical and innovative equipment that aids in minimizing the carbon footprint for each customer. So we take another step forward in doing just that. Cross Systems, Inc. in conjunction with Automated Fleet Wash Systems (AFWS), has taken great strides so this motto continues to be a reality for us. AFWS has a combined 40 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, specializing in the fleet wash industry with the express purpose of manufacturing the most innovative and advanced equipment in the industry. With a lack of current technology in the industry, many past customers have encouraged AFWS to develop new innovative equipment to keep up with current demands.

With regards to customers and the planet, our many years of experience and new innovations, will leave you better than we found you.