Cross Systems blends their own products with a number of traditional cleaners and are constantly working to formulate even more friendly products for our environment. We are accomplishing our goal as the old cliché goes, "killing two birds with one stone". One, provide friendly products for the planet and two, leave less of a carbon foot print on the environment. This goal has been reached with one single throw, our line of Hyper-Concentrated products in conjunction with our innovative Blending System.

With a desire to be a good steward of our planet, this latest technology and innovation will provide new horizons for our customers to have the opportunity to

"Minimize their carbon foot print on the environment".

Advantages of the blending System

  • Minimize your carbon foot print
  • Easy to handle small containers
  • Cuts shipping cost by 80%
  • Cuts required storage space up to 75%
  • Sends text or email when products are low
  • Tracks usage and operating cost in a report form
  • Replaces large chemical storage containers
  • Provides less chance of large chemical spill
  • Precision blending by way of innovation

Monitoring Application Ratios

  • We can monitor many operations of our wash equipment. Chemical ratios are just one.
  • We have the ability to apply different strengths in three different areas, meaning savings to the customer.
  • We have flexibility in application ratios, producing cost effective cleaning.
Tracer Boom Applying Step 2 Chemical