Cross Systems in conjunction with our equipment supplier Automated Fleet Wash Systems (AFWS) has 70 years of specializing in the fleet wash industry. So, with the experience and AFWS equipment's cutting edge diagnostic technology, this allows our team to receive remote notifications from alarms which then allows us to best determine the quickest and most effective response with the designated local personnel for shorter turn-around time on maintenance issues.


Cross Systems in-house service center in conjunction with our equipment supplier AFWS works hand to glove with our customers via our seamless audio/video technology. Most customers are provided with our latest service tablet allowing for our eyes, ears and voice to be available on site when you need us. This valuable service tool allows us to be effective and quick.

Our service center has real-time remote views of our control panels showing the state of the electronic drivers and overloads for the Gantry and Pump modules.


Because we are tied in remotely, we will know the state, positions and actions of your equipment in real-time. Our Service Diagnostic System provides us a wealth of service information making it possible for us to be very efficient.


  • Drives, overloads or circuits tripped
  • Status of all photo sensors
  • Gantry location on the track
  • Height and rotational angle of boom
  • Entry and exit proximity
  • Boom travel proximity
  • Underchassis manifold on/off
  • Chemical pumps on/off
  • HP pressure rinse on/off
  • E-stop selection on/off