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Where strong values merge with innovation



A totally modular gantry system with a combination of brush, touchless or both. If a drive-thru is needed, no problem, we have the equipment package to satisfy your fleet's requirements.



Blending our products with the safety of our planet in mind and by way of innovation we are minimizing our carbon foot print to the environment.



Our in-house service team has 70 years of combined experience in the fleet wash industry. So with experience and the latest technology, we are narrowing the gap for more efficient service.

It has been the focus of Cross Systems, Inc....

That our integrity would always shine through as we provide our "One Source Service" to every customer as we earn their confidence to serve them better. Our "One Source Service" provides an array of wash equipment and chemicals to keep your corporate image at its peak and then the necessary maintenance that makes this task of one source service a reality. So, at Cross Systems, we don't just sell equipment and chemicals, we also provide the maintenance to keep your equipment operating at the highest level of performance.

When we say "One Source Service",


Aqua Master 2500